2021 Makeup Trends of Bangladesh: Are You Following?

Beauty Trends of Bangladesh by Glamscape
The pandemic has brought big changes in our lives, but couldn’t stop the trendy makeup-lovers from following the trend. 2021 has introduced some interesting, twisted and handy makeup trends. To make sure that you don’t miss out on following any makeup trends, let's check out the 2021 makeup trends of Bangladesh!

Let your eyes shine like yourself: 2021 is all about glittery eyes, you can either wear it with minimal face makeup or a heavy base for a party look. Glamscape’s Chameleon Eyeshadow Pigment gives a duochrome effect, whereas the Ethereal Pigment adds two tones of the same colour. For shimmer lovers, Mermaid Pearl eyeshadows could be a must-have. Planning to get married? The Platinum Stars range has the most gorgeous foil shadows. The Chunky Shadeshifters are for chunky-foil lovers. If you love layers on your eyelids, the Fairytale Chunky pigments are translucent and can be layered over any eyeshadow. Highly recommended to use the eyeshadows mixed with “Glamscape Eyeshadow Pigment Booster Liquid”

Highly recommended to use the eyeshadows mixed with "Glamscape Eyeshadow Pigment Booster Liquid"

Nail polish twinnies: The 2-in-1 nail polishes are bottles of cuteness, appearing all over the internet. Glamscape’s Dollish Polish: Twinnies allows you to have two beautiful colours in a pair; available in pairs of both glitters and solid colours. You can layer them one over another, or leave them to rock on their own.

Press-on nails, on the trend: In our busy lives, spending too much time on nails is troublesome. This makes the press on nails trendy. Glamscape’s press on nails; Nailscape comes with nails of every size and shape; square, almond and round. Each packet has 24 nails, of 12 different sizes. Matt to glossy; plain to printed, there’s something for everyone.

New innovation; Magnetic Lash and liner: Applying falsies with lash glue is not convenient for everyone, especially for newbies. Glamscape has introduced the first time ever in Bangladesh, Magliner and Super Wispy 10-Magnet Bionic Silk Eyelashes. See if the size of the lashes is right for your eye, trim the lash a bit if needed. Draw a wide line with the Magliner and allow it to dry for 80 seconds to be 70% dry. Press the lashes to the lid and Voila! Easily removable with micellar water or non-oil-based eyeshadow remover. Make sure to clean the magnets every time you use them as they are reusable 50+ times.

Make sure to clean the magnets every time you use them as they are reusable 50+ times.

Magnetic Lash Tweezer: To make your falsies game even easier, Glamscape has this magnetic lash tweezer. Apply a heavy line of Magliner and place the Wispy Magnetic lashes with the help of this tweezer. The applicator is made with stainless steel and has a gorgeous look in purple and blue. It includes a lash comb and helps to hold and place the lash in the right position, to give you the perfect eye look.

Get your beauty sleep in a pure Mulberry Silk pillowcase: A sound sleep is a must to keep you healthy and beautiful within. A silk pillowcase has a separate fan base this year. They do not absorb the necessary moisture from your face, leaving it patchy and dry in the morning. Great for everyone, especially the dry-skin owners. During a night of deep sleep, our face contracts numerous times with the pillow, resulting in creases and fine lines. However, not with this one. The Glamscape Silk Pillowcase will keep your skin wrinkle-free, and you look younger. Ever wondered what makes your hair so messy in the morning? Well, the friction created from your hair rubbing on the pillow makes hair frizzy and causes damage. Whereas, these Galmscape silk pillows take care of your hair and make them more manageable in the morning. With a count of 22 momme, the pillows are available in black colour, so that you do not have to always worry about the case getting stained with your nighttime skincare products.

Wait no more, keep yourself updated with the trend and befriend the Glamscape beauty products.



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