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We welcome you to our world of Self-love and Self-care. Glamscape is just not another health and beauty care brand, it’s a hub for Bangladesh's trendiest beauty enthusiasts. We believe in a world where beauty stands for a cause, is accessible, effortless, and fun for all. We do that through our innovative, sustainable, environment-friendly products and a deep dedication of creating and delivering exactly what you—our customer—want most. Introducing Glamscape, proudly Bangladeshi, designed in Canada.

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Bridal Looks

Astonishing, One of a Kind Eyeshadow Pigments

This Exquisite Bridal look created by one of our lovely customers Sohana Mita, a very talented makeup artist.

Glamscape offers most unique eyeshadow pigments, launched first time ever in Bangladesh. These pigments can create surreal look like this one created by one of our customers, a very talented Makeup Artist. Credits: Signature look by Sohana
Dress: Anzara; Jewellery: Uzmah; In frame : Ayaat; Photographer : Alamin kabbo

Raisa Naushin

Watch a Tutorial

Watch the very talented MUA Raisa Naushin showing step by step tutorial

In this video MUA Raisa Naushin has created a very pretty hot pink - purple eye look inspired by Mmmmitchell using Glamscape Chunky Eyeshadow pigment. Watch how she does it!

You said about us

Just Bombshell!

Lash Glue? What's that?

These Magnetic eyelashes are bomb! These are game changers and so easy to use. I don't think I will ever use glue again!

Tashfee Singer

MUA Approved!

The Eyeshadows are of International Quality

These eyeshadows are soo pretty and soo sparkly. It is just mind blowing. Definitely of international standard. Make sure you use a Mixing Medium or Glitter glue before using them.

Raisa Naushin Makeup Artist

Just Bombshell!

Lash Glue? What's that?

These Magnetic eyelashes are bomb! These are game changers and so easy to use. I don't think I will ever use glue again!

Tashfee Musician

Cruelty Free Beauty

Bionic SIlk 10-Magnet Eyelashes

Launched First time Ever in Bangladesh

We believe our one of a kind Bionic silk Magnetic lashes and Magliners are the future. Lashes are so difficult to put on with the lash glue which is messy (glue, gross!), toxic, heavy, unnatural, and uncomfortable. This is where Glamscape Magnetic lashes and Magliner come in place!



We have it all ready for you right here.

Watch the cutest Nody Chowdhury showing us how easy it is to apply Glamscape 10-Magnet Bionic Silk Eyelashes. These lashes are absolutely cruelty free, and vegan.

No glue needed to clump up on the lash band means greater wearability and easier to clean!

Our waterproof Press on Nails stays intact all day long and won't flake on you.

Our Dollish Polish dries fast to give you quick glam

Our Eyeshadows are smudge proof when used with our Signature Booster Liquid

Glamscape Silk Pillowcases help you reverse aging process as you sleep

Press on Nails


You can now glam up your nails even on the go in 5 minutes. Which design is your muse?

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    Delivering self-love to your doorsteps. Cruelty-free, vegan, and socially responsible beauty.
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