Eyeshadow Trends in Bangladesh 2021: What’s new?

Eyeshadow Trends of Bangladesh 2021
Past few years have been the years of surprises, the makeup trends are no exception to that. Whereas neutral colours are never backdated, makeup trends of 2021 have welcomed bold colours on your eyelids. A minimal makeup all over the face with a little shimmer can keep things subtle; on the other hand, chunky glitters and heavy base can give you the extra glam look for your night outs.
To keep you on the trend, Glamscape has introduced six different ranges of eyeshadows, where there’s something for everyone within a reasonable price. Let’s check out!

Chameleon Duochrome pigments of a different tone: Pigments that colour your eyelid with two different tones in one single eyeshadow;  sound amazing, right? That’s why Glamscape has a range of Chameleon Eyeshadow Pigments. The name indicates its duochrome feature and is available in 6 shades. For example, the shade Violet Envy gives you tones of green and purple. The rich, silky-textured eyeshadows will glide like butter on your lids. You can mix the pigments with ‘Glamscape Eyeshadow Pigment Booster Liquid’, or any other mixing medium.

Ethereal Eyeshadow Pigments, Different tone of same colour: Unlike the Chameleon pigments, if you want two tones in the same shade range, the Ethereal Eyeshadow pigments in a wide range of 12 colours are just for you. Take the shade ‘Pot of Gold’ for example. Depending on the light, the eyeshadow will give both light golden and rose gold effect. For glitter-lovers, ‘Aurora’ is there with multichrome and silver coloured glitters.

Chunky Shadeshifter foiled textured shadows: Instead of smooth textured pigments, for foil-lovers, Glamscape’s Chunky Shadeshifter pigments, available in 7 shades are worth giving a try. The chunks of foil adds indescribable shine to the lids. Shades like Galactic Queen and Moonlight Opal are duochrome, whereas Enchanted is monochrome. Available in 7 shades. Apply mixing with Pigment Booster Liquid or on top of glitter glue.

Highly recommended to use the eyeshadows mixed with "Glamscape Eyeshadow Pigment Booster Liquid"

Mermaid Pearls Sparkling shimmers are never out of trend: Shimmers are universally flattering and can be carried with almost every look. For our trendy shimmer-lovers, Mermaid Pearl Eyeshadows are a must-have. Unlike the previous loose pigments, this one is powder eyeshadow. All 5 shades of shimmers have such a nice glow, you can either apply a little with light makeup on for a hangout with friends or give it a generous layer for a hand spinning look for the party. Shades like Mermaid Bliss and Marine Gold are on the neutral side, whereas Aquamarine and Speaking waves will add some funky colours. You can use the shadows on your own, but mixing with the Pigment Booster is highly recommended.

Platinum Stars Foil pigments for bridal looks: Glammed eyes and nude lips are the first choices for brides in 2021. The Platinum Stars Eyeshadow Pigments range from Glamscape is extremely high shine foil pigments. Available in three shades that make every bride the ‘Prettiest Bride Ever’; shade ‘Titanium’ is silver colour, ‘Pink Platinum’ in rose gold and ‘Gold Mine’ for a stunning golden. Has to be mixed with Pigment Booster Liquid.

Fairytale Chunky Translucent Duochrome Pigments: The Fairytale Chunky pigments are translucent and can be used on top of any other eyeshadow. If you love to play with different colours, this ones for you. 8 shades are available and have to be used with mixing medium or glitter glue.

Finally, a fun fact:  Try using the Glamscape Pigment Booster, you can mix and match and make your very own shade using the variety of eyeshadows available in 40+ shades!



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