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Shakera Khatun, Co-Founder, Glamscape

Our founder, Faiza K. Chowdhury has always dreamed and wished her mother, Shakera Khatun to have her own accomplishment in terms of career, which initially started the idea of Glamscape (needless to say, she has already out-stood herself as a mother and wife). Shakera had to give up her studies and career at some point in time because she prioritized the upbringing of her children, which was of course, completely her own choice.

As Faiza and her siblings grew up in her mother’s unconditional love and care, Shakera deep seed one thought in her head: to be self-dependent and to have her own career. Often Faiza has seen her mother talking about how much she used to love studying and reading, which got lost in the cycle of life.

Faiza thought to herself, if her mother had even a little bit of self-love inside her, she might have been able to somehow do something for her own self. Hence, Faiza decided along with her two siblings Zaker Chowdhury and Eliza Chowdhury gift their mother Glamscape, a Bangladeshi Health and Beauty care brand that stands for Self Love. The three people, she gave up all her own little things for, will give her back at least something in return, even though they can never match in comparison to her sacrifices.

Glamscape stands for all those people who need a little reminder to love thyself a little bit more every day to catch up on all those dreams because you owe yourself the love you so freely give to other people.


All of Glamscape’s products have a message that they want to convey, a customized experience without ever compromising the quality. We tried our best to speak to our customers without even meeting them ever. 

We are extremely thankful to few people who have helped us building the foundations of Glamscape, one of those people is Syed Tahmid Zaman Rashik, the designer of the Glamscape logo, and the mentor & advisor of the Glamscape Website. With his selfless guidance and love, Glamscape could express its true identity in beautiful visuals. 

We thank all of our customers, who have trusted us being a very new business, gave us a chance to prove ourselves, and we will continue to do so. 

Glamscape – Delivering Self-love to your doorsteps.

It’s a journey of a mother and her children, reaching for the stars.

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