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Iridescent multichrome eyeshadow pigment refers to an eyeshadow with a special type of color that changes its hue depending on the angle and lighting conditions. The term “iridescent” refers to the metallic, rainbow-like shine that the eyeshadow gives off, while “multichrome” indicates that the color shifts to different hues as the angle or lighting changes. Iridescent multi chrome eyeshadows are known for their unique, ethereal look that can add a touch of glamour to any eye makeup look. These eyeshadows are typically made with special pigments that reflect light in different ways to create a shifting colour effect. They are popular among makeup enthusiasts who enjoy experimenting with different eye looks and want to create a bold, standout effect with their eyeshadow.

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Glamscape Eyeshadow in Bangladesh

Glamscape Eyeshadow in Bangladesh

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